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Flat Beds are a Pain in the Neck

Publié le 19 Février 2021

You've woken up with a painful catch in your back. Perhaps you had to sleep in the recliner because you were so stuffy. Maybe you didn't sleep at all because you just couldn't get comfortable on that flat mattress. These are all valid reasons to consider purchasing an adjustable mattress. Here are a few more: 


  • Snoring 

  • Back Problems 

  • Use of a CPAP Machine 

  • Sleep Apnea 

  • Acid Reflux 

  • Pregnancy 


People who suffer from breathing problems such as sleep apnea can benefit from using an adjustable bed. By elevating the head, the airway is opened up more, reducing the risks associated with this disease.  


People who wear a CPAP have a very hard time getting comfortable, since the machine usually requires you to remain on your back throughout the night. An adjustable bed allows you to find a 'lounge' position for maximum comfort.  


Acid reflux is a very real problem for some people, with severe cases causing burning acid to come up the throat. Over time it can result in scarring of the esophagus. By elevating the head of the bed, the acid is prevented from rising up the throat. The best adjustable bed makes it easy to raise your head and still sleep comfortably.  


Pregnant women find it difficult to get comfortable at any time, especially during sleep. With an adjustable bed, the positions can be changed throughout the night, helping to relieve pressure on the back or to elevate the feet. This helps moms-to-be find the sleep they need.  


Sleep well tonight in a cozy adjustable bed.

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